Vacation in Los Roques for Windsurfers and Kitesurfers

About the islands:

Los Roques is a Marine National Park which is located approximately 320 km (200 miles) off the north coast of Venezuela. The venezuelan government declared the area a National Park in 1972.

Few places on the planet can offer human eyes such an extraordinary beauty as this National Park! It is also known as the Venezuela’s Maldives. The park covers 221,120 hectares making it the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea. There are about 350 islands, cays or islets in the park.

The archipelago has exceptionally beautiful beaches of white sand and multicolor, crystalline warm waters which make it a sailing and diving, paradise. The existence of numerous keys provides a variety of marine settings which vary from sand beaches, rock beaches with strong surf, bays with still water, coastal or barrier reefs, mangrove swamp areas, lagoons, and salt flats. If you have seen the amazing Nylon Pool of Tobago; Los Roques Park is one big Nylon Pool. The tranquil setting and fantastic scenery of the place will redefine your definition of relaxation.

The most important island is El Gran Roque ("the big rock"). It is the only populated island (about 1,500 permanent inhabitants) in the group which has an airport. It also has more than 60 inns, locally called posadas.

Other important islands are Francisqui, Madrizqui, Cayo Pirata, Esparqui, Rabusqui, Crasqui and Noronqui.

When to go:

The wind blows consistently year round however, the windiest season (up to 25 knots) is typically from December to June. The primary wind is a northeast trade wind. The "rainy" season is from September to January, but this just means occasional rain, not monsoons. The average water temperature is 24°C (75°F).


Stunning aqua marine waters, powder white sands, deserted beaches and steady, although not very intense, wind. Los Roques is not a high wind destination like Margarita, instead offering a much more interesting and varied experience. The wind blows with average 18 knots consistently year round.

The park offers everything from flatwater cruising to wave sailing.The island-to-island sailing is fun, spectacular, and relatively safe for intermediate and advanced sailors. The many lagoons and small bays offer perfect safety and light winds for beginners.

Beaches to kite and windsurf from:

The outer reef to the east and south keeps the water fairly flat most of the time. Open ocean swells can hit the north side of Grand Roques, Noronquises and Los Canquises when there are storms to the north.

Practicing kitesurfing is possible on almost every island except for the Gran Roque. There are low flying planes on Gran Roque and, therefore, kitesurfing is not allowed. Windsurfers will feel free on any of the islands.

Little keys and islets off shore from Sebastopol island are the most perfect for kiting.

On Francisque island both wind and kitesurfers can sail flat water. There is also one small wave spot north of Francisque.

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